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Application PhotosMEDICAL

Made for the extremely precise tolerances demanded by the Medical Device Industry, The  Vulcan “Brehm” shimmy dies are used with great success to finish and trim the titanium  housings and parts in the manufacturing of surgically implantable devices, especially those parts requiring laser welding.


The Vulcan “Brehm” tube cutter is an integral part on the Defense Industry’s weapons manufacturing process. The Vulcan “Brehm” machines live up to the strict military demands, trimming and finishing grenade, cluster bomb, and flare casings, as well as shells for projectiles.


Vulcan end trimming machinery is widely used in the Auto Manufacturing process, trimming chassis, automotive frame rails, cross-members, and support members.


Vulcan shimmy dies are employed by many Appliance Manufacturers to trim parts such as mixer bases, Iron bottoms, refrigerator door handles, providing neat, clean edges, which satisfy the most rigorous product appearance standards.

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